5 Best Ways to Help get your ex-girlfriend back?

5 Best Ways to Help get your ex-girlfriend back?

You need to be sure!

Getting back with your old lover while may sound like the most convenient thing to do but may not be the best idea for you, ever! Hence, before you want to dive into this pool think twice and maybe check the temperature before hand. It is not easy rekindling the love romance while you had once decided to let go. Attraction and love may be there but the old problems still remain, the incompatibility, the misunderstanding, the conflicts of interest and your disability to handle her during those hard times, so moving past these criteria if you still think you want to get your loved one back, you have to be a 100% on board with the idea of giving it your all.

Make sure she is still in the market

Before getting your game on, it is important that you find out if your ex is still single or committed to somebody new. You can do that via her social media posts, your mutual friends but do get your facts checked as it can easily be some misguiding facts as just an attempt to get you jealous or angry. In case, she is dating somebody new, it is important to find out how serious the relationship is but don’t lose hope, chances are if it was a serious relationship between the two of you, you might still have an upper hand than the new ‘replacement’.


Girls are a sucker for attention so if you are still in contact with your ex-girlfriend try to hit her up through a text message or a pleasant short phone call. If the break up was on a bad note, a simple text message saying how much you miss her should suffice. Check Out: how to make a woman cum

If she replies with some angry text message it is not a total disappointment since it still means she is holding onto some feelings against you so try to cope up with that. Let her ventilate her anger towards you. Your goal is to be nice till the point she runs out of her anger and thinks that she has served you well for your mistakes in the past. Even if you don’t agree with all her accusations, it is important that instead of arguing about whom is right, you surrender and take culpability in the discussion. If her words imply that she thinks of you as nothing more than a ‘douche bag’, provide an explanation for why you did what and how much you have to regret it. Girls matter how complicated are usually more forgiving than men.

Give her space

After a certain passage of time has passed and she is still stuck to her ways, try giving her a little space since if you’re always going to be right there up her face she will have no time to process what is happening, maybe give her some time to think or at least discuss your punishment with her girls, you know they do that! Maybe try again in a week or so.

Sweet gestures

Another thing you must do if nothing works is try to fix up a date to meet her somewhere. Talking up face to face might help your situation or at least tone down the heat between you two. Don’t be frugal on making an effort this time. Any food she likes, bring it over to her place, any place she liked going to, ask her to meet you there, occasional showing up to her work maybe, anything she might find adorable and not border-line creepy, do that. This is to show her that you remember the little things about you two and that you are willing to make amends but of course, if she opens up to you don’t be your old ‘taking her for granted’ self again. Stick to the things you promised you were willing to do for her. Show her the prize so that she is up to risk is all again for you , show her why she should leave the new guy up and be the actress to your old story again. While you are trying to get her back, your determination must reflect. Go get her and don’t screw it up again or it might get a little more difficult the next time.