Mobdro for Android – Free download and software reviews

Live streaming is in top most demand because of its availability on the smartphone device, no matter where you go. Mobdro is one such app used for streaming TV shows, movies, sports, documentaries and much more, on an Android device. This app does not require choosing the movie or episode to be watched. Instead a channel is chosen for streaming. Generally in such streaming apps, a particular content such as a movie or an episode can be streamed. But, Mobdro is different in this sense that, it is a composite repository which has a long list of all available channels, from which streaming can be done. Hence, Mobdro gives its users free, quality video streaming on any Android device.

This uniquely designed app crawls on the web and searches for new and the best quality video streams, thus making them easily viewable on the Android device.

A Guide To Mobdro

Since, Mobdro is loved by people who like being online and watch some of the video streams which are available for free on the internet, this app is downloaded by a fewer number of users in its segment. As the internet has become a medium to connect different people all over the world, many people consider uploading and streaming videos as a mode of entertainment

How does the Mobdro app work?

There are a lot of video streaming apps available on the Google App Store, but Mobdro is a wonderful alternative. The Mobdro app has an outstanding performance since it screens the internet for a variety of channels to choose from, rather than specific episodes or movies. Unlike YouTube, Modbro does not limit channels according to the user’s country and so, it gives unlimited free streaming of all types of videos from around the world.

The users who follow seasons of some of their favorite TV series especially, from other countries are in a total win-win situation as Mobdro will search and bring up the whole channel and not just one single episode from the series. This cuts down the effort for running a search every time a different episode is to be watched. This makes the live TV streaming experience more comfortable.

People who have got a lot of work to complete and are missing on their favorite sports matches and news. With the Mobdro app, its users can watch channels such as ESPN, Fox Sports, Sky Sports through this very efficient application.

Mobdro contains a list of 12 menus to choose from, which include categories such as movies, music, games, tech, animals, gaming, spiritual, TV shows,podcasts and much more. The Mobdro app is equipped with a highly efficient search engine of its own, which makes the searching process an easy thing to do.

Features Of Mobdro

The Mobdro app has a long list of features to offer. Some of them are:

  • It has tools capable of increasing the quality of video streaming.
  • It can scan the web to find the latest videos on the internet. This feature helps in easy updating of the videos of the user’s choice.
  • Mobdro’s Freemium version offers good quality of video streaming, which are easy to access.
  • The Premium version comes with additional features such as downloadable videos, chromecast, ads-free streaming and streaming videos for offline viewing.
  • Enjoy video streaming not only for favorite videos, but also for TV shows, movies, news, sports and much more.
  • The Mobdro for Android app is available for platforms such as Android as well as PC.
  • The Mobdro app allows its user to create their own playlist and also share the videos they stream with their friends.


Mobdro app is a mind blowing alternative to the many streaming apps available through Play Store because of its broad-spectrum search optimization. The Mobdro app makes digital streaming as easy as switching TV channels.